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Studio Tattoo13 is located in the center of Szczecin at  Królowej Jadwigi 9 Street. We employ several specialists in various domains of tattooing. We also have a pleasure to guest the finest tattooist from all over Europe in our studio. Our employees regularly participate in trainings due to raise their skills level - not only in the field of tattooing and drawing, but also in customer service of Polish and foreign clients. Working with each client is very individual task. We manage to create special projects and designs at the request of our clients. Worksites in our studio are equipped with the latest technology (lighting, power supplies, monitors). All surfaces which are used to work with the client are sterilized after each meeting. Materials such as needles, tooling machines and pilers are disposable, sterile and packaged by the manufacturer.

In our tattoo studio we also offer buying brand clothing from "SULLEN" and "OG ABEL". Studio is open 7 days a week from 10.00 to 20.00. During our work we use the best equipment such as "KWADRON", "INK MACHINES '," TATTOO ME" and pigment from renowned brands only,  such as" INTENZE INK "," ETERNAL ". We serve clients from all over Europe, we have a efficient system of records, so that we can manage our time for everyone. In our studio you can find an extensive collection of materials, designs and work of the best tattooists in the world, which can be an inspiration to potential customers. We have video footage of our tattoo studio available on our YOU TUBE channel, in which we present current trends in tattoo culture, and our skils during the work. In our tattoo studio, we always keep friendly and relaxed atmosphere, remembering that every customer is equally important to us and will be considered as an individual. After tattooing proces, our clients receive a full support during the healing time in the form of  free consultation and advices . We also provide skin care products for the tattoo spot such as "TATTOO GO", "EASY TATTOO".